Daisy's Travels

In April, we took our "home on wheels: (HOW) on a second trip. I LIKE this! I get to go! All the doggies get to go!

We went to Grover's Grits in Oglethorpe,

just so we could say we had "been there, done that". They sell loggers there. My hoomans shared one with me and they were pretty darn good. We didn't know what a logger was. They call it that because the truck drivers stop there as they take a load of pine logs to the mills. It is a cup of grits with sausage and gravy or eggs all on top! No wonder I liked it.

We drove to Whitewater Creek Park, a county owned park by Oglethorpe, GA We passed by a LOT of pecan trees. I like pecans.

 I did NOT like that Hooman Mom took Stryker my best buddy on an early morning walk to see the falls on Whitewater Creek.

She did not take me, because I like my beauty sleep in the mornings. She patted me on the head, and told me "You snooze, you lose!" Hmmmppph. At least my Boy takes me on walks around the park...at a decent hour, I might add!

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