Sunday, July 18, 2010

Up the Nose!

Today Striker and I got to go on a ride with Hooman Mom. She muttered something about the parking lot being full, so she drove to an adjacent lot and parked. Just then the sky let loose and it poured like buckets of rain. My Hooman Mom is so funny - she opened the door and told us to stay (yeah, right like I was going to go out in the wet stuff???) while she dug for her umbrella - which was not under the seat where it was supposed to be - she finally found it in the very back of the car! By this time Hooman Mom was pretty wet. She got back in the car, still muttering, answered a call from Hooman Dad, and decided to see if there was a parking spot closer. I am so glad - My spots would have gotten wet in the short walk to the place we were going. Wel, there WAS a space that became available, so my spots didn't get THAT wet...Striker didn't like it though - his ears went back and he wanted to hurry - we both did. Make that 3 of us. We went in the door (lots of smells - but Hooman Mom would not not let me smell!) and Woah - there were a lot of dogs in there! A big old rottweiler was right in front of us, I have heard of those kind of dogs. And we saw our neighbor dog Punkin - we alwasy bark at her when she gets to walk on the golf car path and we don't. She is a golden retriever! And then.....

Ooh YUCKO! Hooman Mom had taken Striker and me to at Puppy Tubs to make sure we were up to date on all our shots. Mine run out in September, and Buddy Boy's - aka Striker - run out iN november. So YIPPPEE no shots before our trip! Then all of a sudden - the other lady holding me squirted something up my nose. She said it was so I wouldn't cough if left at a kennel. (whatever that is) YUCKO MUNDO! Crazy Baby Daisy does NOT like that AT ALL. No No No - not one teeny bit. And to think I thought the lady was nice....

at least I didn't have to get a shot on top of it... Ms. Pickles should be glad she didn't get to go on this trip!

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